Carbon Fiber Mercedes-Benz 6×6 Limited Edition Pickup Truck

Carlex Design is a customization company from Poland which teamed for an incredible project with another company called Pickup Design in order to modify the already known Mercedes-Benz X-Class vehicle. These 2 amazing companies completely transformed the pick up truck with already known “all out” technique and they compiled again the vehicle with a carbon fiber body. The project vehicle is called EXY Monster X and by the looks this Carbon Fiber Mercedes-Benz it is a real beast on 6 wheels.

Carbon Fiber Mercedes-Benz 66 Limited Edition Pickup Truck 2

However only the biggest and the wealthiest gearheads,  car enthusiast and car collectors will have the chance to have one of these unique collection cars in their garage.

They have announced that this will be a unique one-off project and there will be very limited number of Mercedes-Benz X-Class Carbon Fiber custom vehicles offered on the market.

Except the carbon fiber body Carlex Design and the Pickup Design also widened and lowered the vehicle, installed custom ceramic carbon disc brakes suitable for the race track.

Very good looking light bar was added on the roof and also huge fenders were added in order to accommodate much larger off-road wheels and tires. Two winches were added on the front and the rear of the car, as well as structural paint protected bed box.

Unfortunatelly, both companies has not announced more information about the powertrain of the vehicle and we only know the stock options of 3.0 V6 engine with 258 HP. Also, no information about the 3 axle setup was unveiled.

So, what do you think about this vehicle? Will you be making this special order? Or will will choose the option to get the new Tesla cyber truck instead? Share your thoughst with us and share this post with your friends and family!