Insane Fail Compilation Featuring Everything There Is On Wheels!

We have shared and seen many fails so far, however this insane fail compilation is truly something special and bound to blow your mind away.

Insane Fail Compilation 2

Mr SillySpoon has collected all kinds of clips around the world featuring fails on wheels and edited them into the ultimate compilation. Now, we all know strange things are going in the gearhead world, so there`s plenty of material to choose from. First in this compilation is an old Golf going in circles where all of a sudden, its rear right tire falls off. Up next there is a clip from a Go-Kart race. One Go-Kart racer was not aware of the mayhem in front of him and crashed into one of the karts immobile karts. We can see the racer immediately standing up, very fortunate he managed to escape that unscathed.

Up next in this insane fail compilation you can see a guy climbing with his off-road vehicle when all of a sudden, the incline becomes too much. You can see the vehicle then losing the momentum and beginning to overturn in a very frightening fashion. In this compilation, you can also see forklift fails. We find forklift fails hilarious to watch because of the way they are shaped. However, this one is everything but funny as a major disaster is avoided by mere inches. We said you can find all kinds of fails on wheels here and we were not kidding. You can find, lawnmower fails, skateboard fails, shopping cart fails, buggy fails, mountain bike fails and more form where that came from!

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