These Are Some Really Awesome Car Organization Tricks!

You don`t want a messy car – nobody does. But, sometimes life gets ahead of us and we end up with a ton of stuff both in the front and in the back, so you have to look for some alternative car organization techniques to fix things.

Car Organization Tricks 2

Let`s face it – not all of us are tech savvy and even if we are, we just have too much stuff we have to lug around in the car, so much in fact that we can`t always keep it neat and tidy. That`s when this video comes in – it won`t solve all your problems, but it will definitely help you with some of them! If you constantly find yourself looking for another cubic inch of space, you will appreciate this insight.

First, when you want to set up your phone in front of you but you don`t have a phone holder, what do you do? Well, you grab a hair tie, twist it around the air conditioning vents and put your phone in the look – presto, you now have GPS, music or whatever else you may want! When you want to eat a snack but you`re worried about getting crumbs everywhere, just put a cupcake wrapper in the cup holder.

It will catch all the crumbs and your car will stay nice and clean! If you`re looking for some extra room, suction cups are your friend and your car organization levels will go through the roof – put a basket with a suction cup on your rear mirrors and keep your cleaning equipment there – nobody looks through those anyway!

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