Car Modifications That Degrade Your Safety On The Roads

Whether it’s the body or the engine, having a modified car is a dream for many young and old car enthusiasts. But while doing some modifications can be entertaining, others can cause your vehicle to be a danger on the road. Safety should always come first, and that a lot of car modifications are illegal in certain areas. Always research and understand there can be repercussions for doing certain changes to your vehicle; getting in an accident with an illegally modified vehicle can be daunting.

Car Modifications That Degrade Your Safety On The Roads 2

However, regardless of whether your car has been modified, you will need to seek professional advice by finding a specialist car accident lawyer if you are in a road accident. With that said, you should avoid these car modifications as they will degrade your safety and increase your risk as a road user.

Lowering The Suspension

Lowering the vehicle’s suspension can be a great way to make your car stand out from the crowd. Although it’s legal, it can be dangerous. Lowering the car suspension to a point where the wheels rub against the body can cause a fatal accident; the tires can burst from the friction, and losing control of the vehicle becomes a major risk. Lowered suspension is known to, if not done correctly, cause the steering component to make contact and can cause your car to lose all control of your steering if it breaks.

Adding Turbos Without Adding Better Safety Components

Many people want just a little more power and speed in their car, no matter how fast it is already. Adding a turbo can be dangerous if you have the extra power but not the correct braking and shock systems to handle that power. Your stock brakes won’t take the pressure from the extra stopping power needed and increases the spotting distance, thus increasing the risk of an accident.

Stancing Modification

This is the art of lowering your vehicle and changing the camber of your wheels so they are seen as coming out of the car at an angle. However, this is illegal in any part of the world. Doing this is highly dangerous.

Only a tiny percentage of the tire is on the road, so there are hardly any tractions, which is dangerous. Stancing your car also makes it impossible for the wheels to entirely turn left or right, making it impossible to avoid an accident or take a sharp corner even at low speed.

Car modifications can be alluring, but understanding that certain types of improvements are illegal and why they will enhance the risk of an accident is crucial. Having a fast car can be fun, and having a car that looks different is a dream of many, but it can be a hazard on the road.

It’s best to do your research. If you want to modify your vehicle, check with your local authorities what you can and can’t do, and always make sure that you follow the safest option available.