Brave Woman Stops Car Theft In Wisconsin By Climbing On The Bonnet!

A woman in Wisconsin was pumping gas near downtown Milwaukee when suddenly a thief entered her SUV and tried to steal it. However, this brave woman decided to do the most insane thing possible in order to stop the thief from stealing the car. She instantly decided to jump on its bonnet as the thief attempted to drive away. The name of this brave woman is Melissa Smith and she stated that even though it wasn`t the smartest thing to do, but it was a decision from the gut in order to stop the thief from carjacking her SUV and eventually she succeeds.

It wasn`t easy at all though, as the thief was very persistent with heavy braking to throw the brave woman off the hood. Eventually, the thief gives up and entered another car that brought him to the gas pump in the first place. When the thief got out of the vehicle, the SUV started rolling down the road driverless but the brave Melisa Smith managed to jump in and stop it. We agree that this is not the best thing to do, but we definitely salute this woman for her courage and persistence to not let some pesky thief get away with her car. We hope the thief will be identified and apprehended by the police.

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