Jay Leno Gifts A Wounded Veteran A Brand New Can Am Spyder! RESPECT!

Jay Leno is a famous TV host who used to have his own show for over 20 years. He is famous for many things other things, but probably the most important for us is that he is a true gearhead! He owns over 200 vehicles of his own, including several really rare cars! However, we are not here to talk about his collection. Today we are sharing a video of Jay Leno`s incredible gesture, where he gifts a wounded veteran a brand new Can Am Spyder bike. Jay is a known philanthropist, but this is a gesture that can shut even the hardest critic.

Richard Silva is an ex-Marine that got severely injured in Fallujah in 2004. His passion was riding bikes. Upon hearing the story about Richard, Jay Leno decided to invite him for a tour of his garage. Unbeknownst to Mr. Silva, Jay had a surprise in store for him, a brand new Can Am Spyder motorcycle! Jay gave the keys for the new bike to Richard`s son, and Richard started crying after figuring out that the bike in front of him was actually for him! We applaud Jay for this incredible gift and we thank Mr. Richard Silva for his brave service. Watch the emotional video below! At last, watch full episodes of Jay Leno`s garage by following this link!