What Happens When You Put A BMW M3 Engine In A LAND ROVER!

Check out this video to find out what happens when you put a BMW M3 Engine in a LAND ROVER! Would you come to an idea to drop a powerful BMW M3 engine in an old Land Rover? Would you drive that thing on a hill-climb race track including drifts and sideways moves? Well, if you watch the video below you will find out all of this is possible and the sound that comes from under the hood is absolutely amazing. This Land Rover is not only is 3 times faster than the stock model, but it is also 3 times more reliable… 🙂 Who would not want a crazy ride like that?



If you isn’t this just the coolest thing ever? The installed engine is actually from a BMW M3 E30, maybe the last engine model that produces a real BMW MPower raw sound. So, if you still had not of sold your Land Rover, this could happen, so you could tear up the asphalt on the track and have fun on the hill-climb race. However, because of the big difference in transmission and all the other parts between a sports car like a BMW M3 and an off road vehicle like this Land Rover this engine swap might have a little problem.

Actually it could have a big lack of torque, but that doesn’t mean you will not enjoy the sound of the engine and have some fun. So, would you dare to drive that thing on the track? Please share your thoughts with us and tell us what do you think in the comments section below.