BMW Driver Roaming Through The Highway Like Crazy! Real Wild Highway Rush!

We all had the urge to sometimes test our cars to the limit. To determine its top speed, how well it handles around fast corners or how safe it truly is. In other words, to see what our car is truly made of. The place to test your car is of course, the highway. However, when doing that, a driver must always keep in mind that he is not alone. But, in this video, the driver sure doesn`t care that he is risking other people`s safety while having his highway rush!

Nevertheless, we must compliment this driver`s skills. Because, he sure drives like a pro. He manages to get in and out of traffic splendidly. Clearly this driver is very experienced. But, only a mere millisecond is needed for a disaster to happen! So, of course, we don`t approve such reckless driving on public roads. No matter how good a driver you are, you can always cause a major disaster with dozens of lives lost!

The world`s best racing drivers who race at the world`s greatest racing categories are even known to crash with no other cars around them. Millions of times we have seen some of the best racing drivers to make a terrible crash because of a miscalculated corner etc. So, driving recklessly like this on a public road just for entertainment is clearly a very selfish thing to do. Drivers like the one we have in this video should show off their amazing driving skills at a race track and not on a public highway.

We got to comment about one very peculiar thing we noticed in this wild highway rush though. While this driver with his BMW was roaming through the highway, a Volkswagen UP was constantly ahead of him! Now, the VW UP is known as a pretty nice city car, but to see it this fast on a highway is truly a surprise! Very cool tuning on that VW UP indeed.

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