This Toyota SUV Beats The Competition On the Ice Uphill Test!

Making great breakthroughs in the car manufacturing and safety is a major concern for all companies, everyone is seeking for the best solution to offer to its customers, and that is why this best Toyota SUV might be the thing you are looking for when searching for power as well as safety.

Best Honda SUV Security 2

Honda has proven many times so far that they are one of the greatest innovators in the car industry, and their solutions to some of the most complex problems have been a role-model for many such companies. In this video we see the difference between a SUV climbing an ice hill and a Honda SUV with the brand new traction control system climbing even steeper ice hill. The difference is amazing and it will blow your mind, for sure!

The whole video is shot at a Honda testing facility and it proves just why they are one of the best car manufacturers in the world. Namely, the first couple of tests are at a 20% grade ice hill with one slippery side for the wheels. The vehicle struggles at the beginning and it seems that he does not have any traction at all. Then they test the best Honda SUV with the improved traction control and tires. This time it is a 30% grade ice hill, and surprising enough, the vehicle did not have any problems at all and climbed the hill with ease. What do you think, could this new traction control system be one of the best ever made?

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Beats by Honda 😎

Posted by Insanity on Sunday, August 27, 2017