Is This The Best Car Toilet Solution EVER?

Do you think this is the best Car Toilet solution you have ever seen?

The Best Car Toilet Solution 2

We are pretty sure you have been on the road and had this kind of situations so many time. You are on a trip and then you need to use the bathroom immediately and  a truck stop or a gas station is nowhere to be found. So, if you have an emergency situation and you are already at your limit, you must find a solution very quick. Maybe the bush or a big tree is not the best solution to take care of the business, so maybe this is the best toilet solutions we have ever seen!

What make this gadget very interesting is its amazing simplicity and it requires only little bit of manual work. You just need to place the toilet seat on the front tire and put a plastic bag or just dig a small hole under it. So, click on the photo so see how this toilet looks like.

What do you think about this “tire toilet“? Do you think it is usable?

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