The Best Homemade Inventions For Adult Kids!

People have always created and developed amazing things, it is something we are always striving for and that is why we take a look at the following homemade inventions which might serve as an inspiration to us.

Best Homemade Inventions Adult Kids mini trucks 3

This compilation features several machines which would make our life easier, but that is not it. There is a novelty machine as well and it was developed just for fun. Namely, in the first video we see a combination of a tank and a tractor-like vehicle which is fully functional. It is small scale model and we see a man having fun time with it. Who wouldn`t! It is made with great precision and it must have taken e long time to finish it. It can go up, down and sideways, all which is controlled by the handles.

Furthermore there is a video from a mini dozer. This thing can get you through those snowy days where you have to clean the pathway just to get out of the house. A fully grown man can sit comfortably in it and it is controlled just like your usual dozer. But do not let its look fool you. This little thing is super powerful and it can do much more. It can dig, move and transport thing with ease.

We see most of these homemade inventions in action and they are pretty fun to look at. There is even a mini truck onto which they load the ground. What do you think, which one do you find most useful?

Finally, don’t miss this supercharged homemade Rat Rod!