Tutorial: The Paintless Dent Removal Requires Absolute Precision!

Dents in our car can be frustrating, not only they make the cars` appearance bad; they can be expensive to repair too. Often ending up with scratches in our cars thus meaning we have to repaint the area. But this problem has been solved by what is called the paintless dent removal. It is a special technique demonstrated in the following video. The basic concept they use is called the glue pull. And it looks as simple as it sounds. They begin by preparing the latest tool called the “cold glue”. They need to stretch it and mold it so it can get as sticky as possible.

The area is heated up with a heat gun and the glue is then used to make these sudden friction pulls by using a special tool. With each pull, the dent reduces until finally it is back in the place it used to be. To make the paintless dent removal even much better finishing touches are used. With the help of a light, the miniature dents are found. Using a special pry bar, the dent is flattened out from the inside out. This technique requires great precision. What do you think, would you ever try it out?

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