Behold The Immense Power Of This DURAMAX Truck!

This video is for all haters out there who think that trucks cannot accelerate fast enough, cannot be quick and cannot do burnouts! It is going to prove exactly the opposite! As a matter of fact, this video has received a plethora of positive comments on the Internet, something that rarely happens nowadays. After watching it, we believe that you are going to be among the others who have positive thinking regarding this video! Anyway, the main role in this video is played by one amazing, massive, black DURAMAX truck!

This vehicle looks like a fast moving fortress! We are not exaggerating! In fact, you will witness the reactions of the people who had the chance to seat on the passenger`s seat and you will be immediately convinced! Also, the speedometer is recorded in order to show you how fast this DURAMAX truck actually is!

Additionally, the video clip below is actually a compilation of various other videos edited as one. As we mentioned in the title, there are huge amounts of smoke featured in this footage! Part of them are from the exhaust, but the other part are from the burned tires! Plus, the burnouts are recorded in slow motion!

Finally, follow this link to witness the superior power of Chevy Duramax over Ford F-150!