Beautiful, Black, Bagged and Slammed 1972 Classic Buick Riviera! This Is How Perfection Looks Like!

According to us, this is one of the most stunning classic car restoration we`ve ever seen. And you know we have seen a lot. This beautiful, black, bagged and slammed 1972 Buick Riviera on 22″ Lexani wheels will take your breath away! This automobile is one of those that makes your jaw drop, even if it is from a person who is not interested in cars at all! The black paintjob and custom black rims are perfect for this 1972 classic Buick Riviera. What makes everything better is the whole video editing. Not only this car is insanely beautiful, it is also incredibly well presented in this video! When you combine great editing with an even better car, you get a mouth-watering video. This is why we were more than happy to share this video with you guys. We really enjoyed it, and we know you will too.

Undoubtedly, both the car and its creator(s) deserve to put our hand together for them. This is one marvelous vehicle. In fact, is there anything bad to say about this old-timer? We are afraid not. Here`s one brief overview of this automobile`s specifications. It is equipped with bags by Slam Specialities, compressors by Viair, valves by Ekstensive and the air ride kit is by Pin Did It! Sadly, we don`t have any info of what`s under the bonnet, but we believe there is something massive! We doubt that a car this beautiful can be stock under the hood. In the end, it doesn`t even matter. Even if you needed to pedal this 1972 classic Buick Riviera to make it go, we would still love it! Whoever restored this classic deserves the highest praise. It would have been better to treat us with the engine specs, but anyway great job guys! We will now leave you to watch the video and marvel at the beauty of this remarkable 1972 classic Buick Riviera!

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Enjoy the video below!

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