Guy Drifts His Audi S1 With Tank Chains Flat Out!

The gearhead world can get pretty creative and weird at the same time, and sometimes there are tank chains included.

Drifts His Audi S1 With Tank Chains 2

Some people just can`t get enough of their usual day-to-day driving activity and they tend to get a bit more extreme. This guy from Bulgaria definitely had the urge to try something different and his idea is both insane and awesome. His weapon of choice is an Audi S1. As you know, this hatchback is definitely one of the smallest in the world. Having said that, it is not unusual to witness one being driven flat-out on a track somewhere. However, what we get to see here is something very different than your regular track. It`s a track located right next to the black sea.

Yeah folks, this guy is driving his pocket-sized hatchback flat out on a beach. He replaced his regular wheels with tank chains like those usually found on terrain and exploration vehicles. These vehicles that use these kind of tracks are built to conquer the iciest and most dangerous parts of our planet. Nevertheless, they can be also used on a beach in Bulgaria, why not? You can see this guy drifting his car flat out on the beach and causing sand storms along the way. Judging by the car this is an all-wheel-drive hatchback which is awesome for sporting activity. However, we never presumed someone can do something like this. Well, this just proves how creative the gearhead world can be. Now, we expect to see this hatchback doing wonders in the snow.

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