Arguably The Best Vintage ‘Stangs At 2016 SEMA SHOW!? A CLASSIC FORD MUSTANG FASTBACK With Ford Racing Engine!

When you are/were watching the classic Gearhead movie, “Bullitt” from 1968, which car do you imagine you`d be driving in the imaginary and make-believe world: the 1968 Ford Mustang, or the 1968 Dodge Charger?! The reason why we`re asking you this question is that in a case you are one of the numerous Steve McQueen fans, and you simply adore his jaw-dropping `68 Mustang fastback, you`ll probably recognize this `Stang in it!

But, maybe that was just us, and our over-floating imagination, but nevertheless, the fact that this classic Ford Mustang fastback was arguably one of the most beautiful Mustangs displayed at this year`s SEMA show, remains. Of course, we`re not the judges, and cannot give a title to a ride, but that`s one of the reasons why we are sharing this clip with you – to tell us your opinion about it.

So, check it out, have a good look at this jaw-dropping Mustang, equipped with a Ford Racing engine, with a great glowing blue paint job, and the well known racing stripes in the middle, and see what you make of it!

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