Are Dirt Bikes Street Legal?

Off-road riding is a favorite hobby of countless people due to the camaraderie between riders, the escape from everyday life, and versatility of vehicles. From ATVs to Fox Racing dirt bike, there are options for everyone when it comes to off-road recreation.

Are Dirt Bikes Street Legal 2

Benefits of off-roading

Many people enjoy dirt bikes for the mental benefits of forgetting their usual worries and focusing solely on the world moving past them, while coordinating their efforts to maintain the proper speed and traction for a constantly changing surface. Many riders even liken this to a form of meditation.

Others enjoy the wide variety of physical benefits. Whether you`d expect it or not, a rigorous ride on a dirt bike is a full body workout. Your core is strengthened as you work to maintain balance, and the elevated heart rate is good for your cardiovascular system.

Lastly, for many enthusiasts, the freedom involved with off-roading is impossible to match. The escape into nature as well as the fact that speeds are not usually regulated by laws in off-road areas provides riders with thrills that are impossible to find elsewhere.

Street legality

When it comes to riding a dirt bike on the street, things can get complicated. Generally speaking, off-road vehicles aren`t cleared for operation on public streets, although there are some exceptions in some areas.

Snowmobiles are notable for this in colder climates. Dirt bikes aren`t typically street legal because they lack much of the proper safety equipment that street legal vehicles have. Riding a factory dirt bike on the road is both illegal and could land you in a situation requiring an accident lawyer. If you want to convert a dirt bike into a street legal motorcycle, you`ll have some serious work to do.

Required upgrades

Firstly, you`ll need to know your local laws and regulations for making a street legal dirt bike conversion. In some areas of the US and Canada, this is completely impossible. If you reside in an area where it theoretically can be done, the following are some of the most common changes you`ll need to make.

The Department of Transportation in the US has minimum requirements for any on-road motorbikes, which simplifies things. In Canada, you`ll need to be familiar with each province`s regulations. The following are the minimum safety features your dirt bike will generally need before it can be deemed street legal.

·        An approved headlight with high and low beams

·        An approved tail and brake light operating on battery power

·        Functional turn signals

·        Rearview mirrors

·        Electric horn

·        An approved fuel tank

Some areas may also require speedometers and further additions. All of these changes will generally require heavy modifications to the bike.


The simplest way to make a dirt bike street legal is with a full conversion kit. These can be purchased online from a variety of sellers, though they may be a bit pricey. At the very least, these will generally include all the lights, signals, horn, and any other electrical items you`ll need.

You may have to rewire the bike`s electrical system yourself to accommodate for them. You will usually be responsible for mirrors, tires, or any other required items. If a kit is too pricey or difficult to find, you can always purchase the electrical items separately. Just be sure they`re approved for street operation in your area.

The process of altering a dirt bike is an involved and often difficult effort. In fact, most people don`t believe that the conversion is worth it. Still, if you have a unique situation where the dirt bike is your best bet for the road, or you simply want to go off-road immediately after work or school, you do have options in most areas.