I`m sure that all those amongst you who love the Lamborghini Aventador models, are well aware and familiar with the Hamann bodykit for Lamborghini, which gives this supercar a special accent, and makes it even more appealing. If you are following our Lambo section regularly, you can probably remember on some of the gorgeous Hamann Lamborghini Aventador examples that we have shown you previously. Today we have prepared you a video clip with the latest Hamann Lamborghini Aventador Limited Edition, recorded by our team at this year`s Geneva Auto Show, which can be described as nothing less but perfect!

This stunning hypercar is coming in extremely appealing shade of yellow, with a body made by using a lot of carbon fibre and black painted accents (that is why we took a much closer look at it).

The best thing about the Hamann`s Lamborghini Aventador Limited Edition kit is that it can be applied to almost every Aventador model, and it features different front bumper that has a couple of cut-out ram air vents, the rear spoiler comes in four pieces, there is also a brand new set of side skirts, also, there is a diffuser on the rear bumper, an engine cover, and air inlets.

As you will see it, all parts of the model that was presented in Geneva are painted in black, but they can also come in other specific requests, depending on the future owner`s taste, whether he wants to contrast or to match the bodywork. The wheels are also original Hamann units, and from what we could understand, they are called Hamann “Professional”.

Now check out the video and see this perfection by yourself. And if you want to see other awesome specimens from the Geneva Motor Show, click here.