750hp Lamborghini Hamann Aventador Nervudo On Vitamin C!

Germans are well known for their adoration of eccentric colors. You can see that from the cars they drive. All their cars are eccentrically painted. This metallic orange Lamborghini Hamann Aventador monster we are about to present you made a big splash at the Frankfurt Auto Show this week.

Hanman has made some essential aerodynamic adaptations, adding edging spoilers at the front, back and side part of the car. Other big mechanical changes on this Lambo include new exhausts, tires at the size of 255/30ZR2o and 355/25/ZR21 with the metallic orange paint to finish with. The insides have been leather laired. When it comes to the performance, the V12 engines have been upgraded from 690hp and 690 Nm to 750hp and 735 N, to that matter.

Finally, see how restoring of this Lamborghini Series III went!