1969 DODGE CHARGER GENERAL LEE With Flowmaster Exhaust!

There is some kind of a special feeling in owning a car that is famous and well known amongst all people, not just the Gearheads, which has gained its glory from some of the most popular Hollywood movies or TV shows. Some people are even fanatically driven to get one of the cars that were used for that specific role during the shooting of the picture, they are spending big sums of money to get it. And when it comes to classic American muscle cars and movies, rare are the ones that have reached the level of popularity as the iconic 1969 Dodge Charger, from the “Dukes of Hazard”, better known as Dodge Charger General Lee!

Here we have one of the Dodge Chargers that were once in the role of General Lee, equipped with a 2.5″ dual exhaust system with Flowmaster 40’s, showing off its vocal capabilities. According to the author of the video (and obviously the owner of the Dodge Charger General Lee), this exhaust system made the car way too loud for the taste of his neighbors, so the poor man was forced to make some changes.

But from what we can see and hear in this video, I think that there is nothing wrong with the way his great looking Charger sounds like! And after all, living in a democracy means that sometimes you have to put up with other people`s needs. And in this case, that means leaving your neighbor alone to put a great and loud exhaust on his car, just as General Lee deserves!

Check out the video below and see and hear what I`m talking about. And if you want to find out something about the General Lee Charger, click here.