WATER TRANSFER IMAGING At It’s Finest! The Most American Wheel Ever?

One of the most awesome ways of painting something is by using hydrographics! It is also known as immersion printing or water transfer imaging. This is a technique that applies printed designs onto a surface. These surfaces can be from metal, plastic, glass etc. In today`s video, you will see this remarkable technique in practice, and it is used on a wheel! What makes water transfer imaging so amazing is that it only takes a few seconds for the design to be printed! Like we previously said, this video shows how to hydro dip a wheel. It only takes a few seconds for this wheel to go from ordinary to AWESOME!

If you are asking what the paintjob for the wheel is, you will have to watch the video! Anyways, water transfer imaging is becoming more and more popular nowadays. However, the process of properly applying the print is quite complex. The hydrographic film has to be polyvinyl alcohol, which also has to be gravure printed before the print can be transferred. This whole process can be simply explained as mesmerizing, and this is why we are sharing a video of it with you guys! Press play on the video below and let us know what you think of the paintjob that the wheel got!

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