Biggest Wheelie With 4 Tires OFF The Ground and Bent Bar!

Check out this amazing drag race at Bayou Drags this year. This amazing ride went airborne with All 4 Tires OFF The Ground! He probably did the biggest wheelie and BENT THE WHEELIE BAR!

If you are a car addict and you watch all the motor shows, drag contest etc. like us, then you know that EVERYTHING can be seen in such events! Right here, we would like to show you something that certainly marked the Bayou Drags Event held in Houston!!! In a drag race between a Chevy and a Rat Rod, something amazing happened!!! This guy went so off ground when he did the wheelie managing to put ALL 4 TIRES off ground!!! That wheelie bar of his is probably not really worth right now!!! Amazing, too bad he actually lost the race! Check it out!

Actually, the wheelie bar was off the ground for a moment. I think they got to lower that ride for drag times!!!!

Finally, check out this Camaro bad landing after a wheelie!

Enjoy the video below!

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