This Airplane Flies Into The EYE Of Hurricane IRMA!

Check out this incredible footage of this airplane flying into the eye of Hurricane Irma! This video will give you chills for sure.

Airplane Flies Into The EYE Of Hurricane IRMA 2

Actually it’s a flight onĀ  NOAA`s Hurricane Hunter airplane that goes trough the eye of the Hurricane Irma. As you may know this category 5 Hurricane Irma made a huge damage in the islands of Bahamas, St. Martens and others, they they started to evacuate several parts of Florida. It is expected deliver massive floods together with a wind speed of 185 mph. So, Floridians are preparing for this Hurricane in many ways.

Houston’s Hurricane Harvey was a category 4 and made a 250x damage, but Hurricane Irma it is expected to hit coastal Florida with even 500x damage and probably will make massive disaster. We hope that all the people from the coastal cities will be evacuated on time and there will be no human lives by this very intense storm.

So, please check this scary video from the eye of the Hurricane Irma to see what is this all about. As you may know the eye of the hurricane or the tornado is the center of the storm that turns in the counterclockwise direction.

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