UFC Fighter Derick Lewis Would Destroy His Expensive TRUCK To Help The HURRICANE HARVEY Victims!

Check out this amazing video with the UFC Fighter Derick Lewis. Actually he would like to destroy his expensive TRUCK to help the HURRICANE HARVEY victims!

UFC Fighter Derick Lewis Would Destroy His Expensive TRUCK 2

As we all know the people in the coastal Texas really need all the help they could get. Most of them lost their houses, cars, valuables… some of them has lost everything they had before the Hurricane Harvey. There are many ways to donate there, from donating time, donating money or even donate shelters for the people or a room in your house. So, we think it would be a good move and it might worth a lot for the people there if we all donate something. People can still do good for one another and we are till able to come together.

As you can see on the video below, the famous UFC fighter, Derrick Lewis went to get his hands dirty in Houston with his expensive Chevy Silverado Dually and he is helping the people to be pulled out from some bad spot. Obviously he is sacrificing his safety, time, money and even the truck that he has spent so much money on. It is very good example for all the celebrities in order to spread the awareness that anyone can help in some way.

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