1969 Dodge Charger Pro Touring Mix of Vintage and Modern!

I do not know about you, but I`m definitely one of those who love seeing the result of old cars mixed with the new technology, and that is why every time we come across a specimen that fulfills these conditions, we are very keen to show it to you, and then listen to your opinion about it. Today we are going to show you one such an example, a 1969 Dodge Charger Pro Touring that blends the best of those two worlds, and represents a car that you do not have a chance to see very often.

The owner of this great `69 Dodge Charger Pro Touring is Pete Filippatos, and in the video below, he is being interviewed by Michael Musto, and reveals us many details about his amazing vintage Detroit muscle, but with completely new charm to it.

The car has been outfitted with the latest gear, many modern technology stuff. Pete bought it in its traditional shape and form, and then, using the latest technology, he changed it a bit, gave it a new flavor, in the same time keeping the form and the shape of the genuine.

It is still a classic, brutal muscle car from the late 60s, but with a flavor of a modern sports vehicle. Naturally, this means that it does not have a stock `69 Dodge Charger engine under the hood, but a late model of the 6.1 liter HEMI, with an air conditioning, and many other stuff that you don`t find in the traditional `69 Charger, so one could say that this big muscle is 100 percent customized. It really is a car that has each and every little component of it, touched and made the way its owner wanted it. Check it out.

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