A Perfect Green 1949 Buick! Must See, Amazing Oldtimer Car!

The Xmas Party event that took place on the 12th of December, 2009 was an automotive show that we could not miss. Therefore, two attractive models were hired and we started the search for the vehicle they are going to take pictures with. Look at this beautiful green 1949 Buick!green 1949 Buick 5

So, while we were looking for the car we were thinking that a car with a spacious interior would be a perfect one having in mind the terrible weather we had that day. And suddenly there it was! A perfect green 1949 Buick! It was the car we were looking for, not only because it was roomy, but also because of its green color that brought a bit of joy in that gloomy day. We saw the owner and we asked for permission. As soon as he said yes, we immediately started with the shooting. In the meantime we got the chance to chat a bit with Sonny, the owner of the car, who said that he is in this customized cars world for a long time. Eleven years ago Sonny bought the Buick and customized it in a period of 6 months, but there had been an accident on the road and the car burnt to the ground. But Sonny did not get discouraged.

He decided to again build this car which he did, even though the rebuilding process lasted three years. However, really detailed work had been done. Sonny`s work included an extremely difficult 4-inch chopping of the top, then installing a customized suspension system and air system. As for the engine, it is a solid one, even though sonny did not pay a great attention to its artistic visual traits.

All in all, this car is amazing. We can just imagine how happy and exhilarated Sonny feels every time he thinks about the fact that he actually created this miracle from scratch!

Finally, take a look at one of the best 1949 Buick custom designs on this link!



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