A List Of Used Cars to Avoid

A carefully chosen used car can be one of the smartest buys you`ll ever make. On the other hand, a poorly chosen used car can be a nightmare from which you might never awake. This is why it`s so important to research car purchases. The good news is there are a host of forums and other resources available online from which you can learn just about anything you`d want to know about buying a car. This list of used cars to avoid is a good first step toward finding reliable transportation at an affordable price.

A List Of Used Cars to Avoid 2

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One such resource is the guide to used cars to avoid published by the automotive editors at US News & World Report.

Let`s take a look at some of them.


With their overtly masculine styling cues, you`d expect Dodge`s cars to be robust as well. Unfortunately, cost-cutting measures have introduced something of a built-to-a-price element into the automaker`s products. As a result, 2014 and `15 Avenger make this list; along with 2013, `15 and `16 Grand Caravan; 2013 and `14 Challenger; 2013 Durango; 2013, `15 and `16 Journey; 2014 and `16 Dart; as well as 2013 Charger.


Adorable styling notwithstanding, the venerable Italian automaker`s return to the US market has been somewhat less than auspicious. Granted, there`s nothing else really like the Fiat 500 on offer in the States. However, the model`s rep for longevity is somewhat lacking. US News editors recommend turning a blind eye to 2014 and `15 500 hatchbacks and convertibles. Ditto, 2014 and `15 500L.


One of the oldest car brands still in existence, the marque`s founder is credited with putting the nation on wheels with the durable Model T. However, a number of contemporary Ford models are having trouble living up to their heritage. These include 2013 -- `16 C-Max Energi, 2013 and `15 Focus Electric, 2013 Escape and 2013 Explorer.


Known specifically for their rugged qualities, Jeeps in general have a pretty strong reputation for longevity. However a shift toward incorporating more pavement-oriented models into the lineup came with the price of reliability issues. As a result, the editors at US News recommend avoiding 2013 -- `15 Compass, 2014 -- `16 Cherokee; as well as 2013, `14 and `16 Patriot.


With just about every model in its lineup making the used cars to avoid list, MINI, despite its penchants for style and an enjoyable driving experience is reputed to fall down considerably when it comes to being a reliable used car. The list includes 2013 and `14 Clubman models, 2014 Cooper hatchback, 2013 and `14 Cooper Roadster, 2014 -`16 Paceman and 2013 -- `15 Cooper Coupe.


Once a coveted performance-oriented marque, Mitsubishi has had a pretty rough time in the US over the past couple of decades. The one bright light in the three-diamond brand`s tiara has been the Lancer Evolution, which enjoys something of a cult following. However US News recommends staying away from 2015 and `16 Lancer models, as well as 2015 -- `17 Outlanders and Outlander Sport models built during the same timeframe. The 2015 and `17 Mirage models also reside in the “no buy zone”.

While we`re on the subject though, regardless of the used car in which you have an interest, make it a point to have a thorough pre-purchase inspection done before you buy. The last thing you`ll want is high repair costs.

The entire list of used cars to avoid is at the US News and World Report site.