A Fire Breathing MONSTER! 1750HP CAMARO! Good Enough For You?

Here we go with another classic American muscle monster from the golden era, a 1750HP Camaro, that will be a real treat for all those who love cars with monster powerful engines under the hood. It is a highly modified example of the famous series of 1969, powered by a little bit of a complicated 427 small block Crate engine, equipped with many goodies deserved for all that horsepower.

The video that you are going to see is a complete review about it, in which Tom Nelson is going to lead us through every little change that has been made on this awesome car, so you can find out about the entire list of specs about it. In the moments when the video was made, the car has just been delivered from Denmark, so there are a few checkups that still needs to be done, but make no mistake that it is not in almost a perfect shape.

As you can probably guess, this muscle monster is completely street legal, so it can be driven on any road and highway, not just on the strip. This 1750HP Camaro is definitely one of those cars that you do not get to see every day, so take this chance and watch the video, and later on, share your thoughts about it with us in the comment section below.

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