9 Must Have Tools for Your Garage

In the list below, we discuss some must have tools that are critical to your home garage setup. The items featured here are valued for their versatility and overall handiness in the garage setting. Read on for a guide that will tell you about the tools you need, and why you need them.

9 Must Have Tools for Your Garage 2
  1. 1.      The Car Creeper:

Creepers are invaluable when it comes to accessing the undercarriage of your car. A good creeper will get you close to the action while keeping you at least moderately comfortable.

It`s a fairly simple technology, but there is room to get a little elaborate if the urge strikes you. For example, some creepers will feature thick, plushy paddings, or ergonomic indentations that help to improve your user experience.

In general, though, the simpler the creeper, the better off you will be. For one thing, plush padding, though nice in theory, is not very compatible with the wear and tear that you usually experience in the garage setting. It`s going to get ripped, torn, and covered in grease and oil.

There is something to be said for keeping this purchase as simple as possible. It`s just more economical to go this route. A basic, plastic creeper will serve your needs without breaking the bank. Of course, you can also still get ergonomic units when going this route.

There are also options that are adjustable, giving you the ability to alter the creeper’s configuration to put you in an ideal position for the type of work you are doing.

This can be a handy feature to have, but it can also be overemphasized. The more moving parts there are, the bigger the chance something will go wrong. Excessive customization also just complicates what should be a simple tool.

  • Battery-Powered Impact Wrench

The battery-powered impact wrench is great for extracting large parts from the car on the go. It`s a staple in professional garages, and an important tool to add to your roster if you`re going to be doing serious work.

As with any automotive tool, durability should be put at a big premium. You need something that will last a long time even in tricky situations.

You also want something compact. Automotive repair is sometimes complicated by tight spaces and tricky angles. The smaller the tool is, the easier a time you will have accessing elusive spots.

  • Flex Head Ratchets

Flex head ratchets are great because they produce lots of torque, but they’re also compact and great at accessing tight spots.

The thin heads allow users to get into tough nooks and crevices that they would not otherwise be able to access. After that, it`s easy to remove nuts and bolts in a matter of seconds.

  • Hood Light

Naturally, you also want a well-lit work environment. A hood light provides lots of light, so you’re able to see everything that needs to be seen. LED bulbs are especially good at generating tons of light without using an excessive amount of power. As an added bonus, decent bulbs can last for years.

  • A Drip Pan

Drip pans help reduce the amount of cleanup that you will have on your hands after a long day`s work. A well-placed drip pan is able to collect oil runoff from the car for quick disposal later.

Fortunately, these are very simple tools, and it certainly won`t break the bank to add one to your tool collection.

  • Hydraulic Floor Lift

If you ever need to lift your car (and you will), a hydraulic floor lift is necessary. This can be a tricky tool to buy because they range extensively in both price and performance. They can also be very bulky, making them hard for the amateur garage owner to store.

For the purposes of do-it-yourself repair, you will probably be best served by something that is durable, lightweight, and compact. A standard aluminum-built hydraulic floor lift should satisfy these requisites.

You also need to factor in your car`s curb weight. Every floor lift will be rated to handle a certain amount of weight safely. Average lifts are generally compatible with most cars, but for the sake of safety, it`s very important to double-check and make sure that your car is within the lift`s limitations.

  • Jack Stands

To make good use of a floor lift, you will also need a jack stand. These products serve to fortify the lift and help ensure a stable, safe experience.

Jack stands are generally very affordable and simple, but they are also tools you can`t do without, so be sure to pick a few up.

  • Pliers

Pliers are a good all-purpose tool that any homeowner should have. For do-it-yourself car repair, it’s good to have several different sizes on hand. It will also be to your benefit to invest in a good wire cutter. Fortunately, many pliers also feature a wire-cutting component.

  • Hammers

A hammer is a somewhat blunt tool that doesn`t always jive so well with the refined instrument that is your automobile. Most people won`t be using hammers on their cars too often. However, one may come in handy occasionally if you need to do light body work. A decent hammer may be able to work out bumps or ridges.

Make sure you are using a hammer that does not have a textured face, as that can scrape up the metal.

Fortunately, if you already have a hammer at home, it will probably be able to handle your automotive needs. In other words, most people won’t have to buy additional hammers.