How To Repair a Car Dent Without Applying Any Paint?

Paintless Car Dent repair for the hail impacts is developing within the car repair and maintenance section of the automotive industry. This technique, which requires very specific knowledge, is outsourced to specialized companies. Paintless dent removal (DSP) is a technique that is very popular with professionals selling and reconditioning VO. It allows to repair the bodies without paint or putty, and it also represents a saving of time and money, and also, for example, not to depreciate a VN hailed in VO after the intervention on the Car Dent.

How To Repair Car Dents Without Applying Paint 2

With the paintless dent removal technique, your car – in most cases – the bodywork of your car can be repaired, even if the bump has a large dimension and depth. This way you keep your original paint and benefit from a lower price than a traditional auto body shop. Repair is guaranteed as long as you own the vehicle.

Nonetheless, avoiding the hail dent on your car is the best form of repair due to its prevention benefits. That notwithstanding, if you fall short of preventive measures, paintless repair is the best option available.

Avoid Hail Damage

  • Put your vehicle under cover. First reflex if hail falls are planned: place the car in a covered place where the car will be protected during bad weather. If you are on the road, your car’s GPS can tell you where the car park (parking lot of a shopping center …) is closest to your location.
  • Cover the bodywork. There are covers specially designed to protect the surface of the car. You can also stop your vehicle and use an external sun visor as a temporary shield to protect your windshield from damage.
  • Subscribe to the weather alerts. On the Net, we can find warning systems that warn you, in real time, of the weather evolution by SMS. A good plan to anticipate bad weather and take good time at … time.

Repairing Hail Damage

Did hail spoil your vehicle? No panic. Thanks to the revolutionary technology of Smart Repair or paintless dent repair, you can delete the dross quickly and for a reasonable budget. Two ultra-efficient techniques can be used to erase this damage:

  • Repairing broken glass: With the Smart Repair, no need to change the entire windshield due to an impact on the glass. This will prevent more damage later if the crack gets bigger.
  • The PDR: In the most severe cases, hail can cause bumps that deform the bodywork. With this technique, the piece finds its original look without having to be removed.

A hail storm has swept localized exactly where you live? No problem, the wave of development on hail repair has given vent to a sizable number of companies offering the service. Most of these companies travel round to meet their clients’ needs.

No matter what your insurance company is, you have the freedom to choose your repairer. The paintless dent repair tariff is more advantageous than a traditional body shop. Think about it!

Return of Rent

When you return your rental vehicle, it must have normal wear and tear. Be careful: bumps on cars, however small, may add exorbitant extra costs. Make an appointment with one of the auto body repairers around you for a free evaluation at any paintless dent repair garages.

The activity, which requires specialized knowledge, is often subcontracted by DSP companies, in B to B on behalf of insurers and bodywork networks.

What is the specificity of the DSP applied to hail? The “simple” DSP applies to the vertical sections of the vehicle (doors), while the repair of the hail impacts, it is practiced on the horizontal sections (roof, bumper) and the bumps are smaller and round. For the de-embellishment, the work requires a lot of precision. A minimum experience of two years is required. The DSP alone requires eight weeks of learning.