8 Tips to Keep Riding this Winter Season

As winter is coming, you might think the season of globetrotting on a bike is over. Many bike riders don`t prefer riding their set of wheels during winter. If you`re one of them, this guide is for you! Winter ride can be a pleasant experience if you`re kitted out properly. As the onset of winter shouldn`t be a barrier for bikers, these winter season riding tips will help you keep the passion on.

8 Tips to Keep Riding this Winter Season

  1. Be Prepared First

You may have particular requirements for the ride, but you shouldn`t ignore the basic one. Ensure you plan a sensible route and prepare for the worst possibilities. The best way is to insure your bike with two wheeler insurance or third-party insurance to cover road accidents.

  1. Clothing

It is the most important thing to consider while riding in winter. An adequate windproof thermal or waterproof gear will keep you dry and warm. Hence, a full set of winter clothes should be your prime concern. Moreover, it is very important to choose the right clothes. It is obvious that the thick fleece will make you sweat, even in zero temperature. The accumulated sweat can make you feel wet and clammy. That is why you must opt for riding-specific clothing to satisfy your requirement.

Additionally, you can wear a windproof face mask to protect your face when it`s spine-chilling cold. The cold air can enter your lungs and make it difficult for you to ride. The face mask keeps your face protected from chilly winds.

Here are winter specific clothing essentials that you must have.

Winter Specific Clothing Essentials:

  • Good quality windproof gloves
  • Thermals
  • Waterproof jacket
  • Windproof jersey
  • Overshoes
  • Thermal bib tights

While the above-mentioned clothing essentials are a must, the mentioned-below are clothing is optional:

  • Under-helmet cap
  • Headband
  • Winter-specific boots
  • Thermal socks

Tip: Don`t over-layer yourself; it will make you feel hot. While riding, your body can produce so much heat.

  1. Tyres

As per experts, broad tyres are great for riding in winters. However, keep a constant eye on wear and tear. It is quite risky to ride around damp lanes with a regular tyre; opting for a bike with broad tyre is a good idea. Tyres with puncture protection and harder wearing are highly recommended to ensure optimum safety. You can also consider tubeless and solid tyres. However, they come at a considerably higher cost.

  1. Punctures

It`s an ugly fact that the unfavourable weather conditions increase the risk of a tyre puncture. Wet roads make it easy for broken glass pieces or thorns to make their way through the tyre and into the tubes. That`s why you should know how to fix a tyre. To be on a safe side, you can carry an extra-tyre to be used in case of an emergency. Most of the riders rely on CO2 cartridges to inflate the tyres. Make sure you have enough tubes and pumps before hitting the roads.

  1. Fuel Your Body, Stay Hydrated

To experience a pleasant ride, eating healthy food in sufficient quantity is important-especially in winters. If you prefer energy bars, make sure to keep them in a warm temperature, as they get hard in winters. Or, you can opt for energy gels.

Keep a water bottle handy and take sips frequently. When you ride harder, you sweat more. As a result, you tend to get dehydrated. Water keeps you hydrated throughout and supplies more energy. Having lukewarm water will help you to stay warm during spine-chilling winters.

  1. Lights

Be it summer or winter, visibility is important for riders. It is irrational to expect a clear sight on a snowy January morning. As the whitewashed landscape covers almost everything and visibility becomes zero, you ought to mark your presence on the roads. The bright and rechargeable lights are highly recommended to ensure your safety. These lights can be easily purchased even without breaking the banks.

However, ensure your bike lights are charged before you start your bike.

  1. Pamper the Bike

Keeping your bike in a superb condition is important especially in winter. You should pay extra attention to some of its parts like gears, chain, hubs, engine etc. Keep an eye on brakes, as winter may be harsh on this part. While it will ensure your safety, it will help you have a smooth ride.

Let`s Get Started!

Riding your set of wheels in winter is not as hard as it might sound. We admit that it is challenging to beat the chill and keep escalating. That being said, these some quick tips will help you to let the outdoor animal in you roar. So, don`t miss a chance to feel the quintessence of the winter. Keep these tips in mind, gear up and enjoy a safe drive!