7 Awesome Low Budget Cars!

There are lots and lots of pros when it comes to the major development in the car industry. The most obvious is the safety factor and the other one is due to the massive car production that we currently have, the market has something to offer for literally everyone. Yes, purchasing a cheap sports car is actually available these days even though just couple of years ago we thought that we could never afford one. Hereby, in this video we take a look at 7 low budget cars that anyone is able to buy.

7 Awesome Low Budget Cars 11

If you are the type of person who is much into cars but has never actually got the chance to own his dream car, all of this might chance after watching the video. The list kicks off with none other than the mighty Porsche Boxster. The car itself looks absolutely gorgeous and its power ranges from 202 to 206 HP. You can get this monster at a used cars market for a price of just under $10,000.

Yes, this means that even us, normal car guys can buy it. Next, we take a look at the powerful Ford Mustang GT. Even though this is not your classic sports car, but who would not enjoy its power and sound. Moreover, no one would expect that you can purchase an American muscle car with V8 engine for just under $10,000. You can never go wrong with a Mustang.

If you want to see which the other low budget sports cars are, take a look at the full video!