590hp 1970 Chevy Camaro: “Cone Dodger”

Mike Yale is a part of Mercedes-Benz team in Houston, so as you suppose he saw many first class cars in his life. Mike got his 1970 Chevy Camaro in 2008, the exact car he wanted for autocrossing. After he disassembled the whole thing, he noticed that the only parts that were not rusted were the trunk, the floors and the doors. All he was left to do was to install new metal all over the place. Once the metal coating was done, the correct suspension was installed. For the front, he installed a full DSE front subframe. The subframe contains hydroformed framerails with stamped cross members, rack-and-pinion steering, coilovers, Afco adjustable remote-reservoir shocks, C6 Corvette steering knuckles, tubular control arms and wheel hubs.

DSE QuadraLink suspension system is installed in the rear end. The gears on this 1970 Chevy Camaro are 3.89 and there is a Tru-Trac limited-slip system and it also adjust lower and upper control arms for a vas variety of suspension tuning options. When Mike`s first choice for an engine, didn`t quite leave up the expectations, he elected a 416-inch, LS3-based stoker with Mahle pistons which produces 590hp at 6300 rpm. A Vintage Air Front Runner system is set at the front. Once he was ready, Mike put his baby up to a Fort Worth Goodguys show, where he won the event. Nowadays, Mike is very proud of his work and his car.

Finally, check out this high performance Camaro!