Massive $5 MILLION Secret Car Collection Of 50+ Cars!

One BMW, Mercedes and Porsche enthusiast has just unveiled his insane secret car collection. So, if you are a car lover this dude`s garage is literally going to blow your mind. You can find this guy on Instagram by his profile name – rawwwsco. This guy`s insane car collection is secretly stashed away and he finally decided to share it with the world. There are many vehicles and projects that is really impossible for him to not let a couple of them collect some dust. In this collection you can see a lot of rare classic cars that will make every true gearhead tear up inside.

50+ Cars Owned By A Mercedes BMW And Porsche Enthusiast 2

As we said he has many German cars so let`s start with his 1978 Porsche Turbo. You can also see a very rare Porsche slant nose with is a pure embodiment of Porsche enthusiasm. Up next you`ll see not one, not two, but four 1988 BMW M6s in all their glory. Elsewhere from the M series you can find one awesome black-painted 1988 BMW M5.

In the U.S they only came in black paint. This is definitely not the last coming from the M series as you can also see an E36 M3 as well. However, despite being mainly a Mercedes, BMW and Porsche enthusiast, this guy also has many muscle cars and supercars in his crazy $5 million car collection. No collection is truly complete without a Ferrari so for that purpose you can see a Ferrari 588. He`s also working on many exciting projects so make sure to check him out on social media.

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