The Highway Hosted An Amazing 458 Ferrari vs Toyota Supra Drag Race! Who Won This Spectacle?!

You never know what the highway brings, don`t you? Well, every once in a while, it brings you an amazing drag race! Short distance, mostly. The guys from 1320 videos, had an interesting highway experience while testing their Turbo Toyota Supra which tires were new and ready for testing. They suddenly encountered a fancy Ferrari 458, looking cool in red, and looking fast as well. You know the drill, they both got the thumbs up as one crazy Ferrari vs Toyota Supra drag race was officially going to happen!

It did not go smooth from the very beginning for the Supra as the driver was trying to perform some second gear traction boost. The Ferrari took advantage of this situation as it did a quick flyby leaving the Supra behind. But this 458 Ferrari vs Toyota Supra race did not end like it. The Supra guys caught up to him leaving the Ferrari behind! Once again, it is proven that money does not buy it all and supercar does not always mean fastest car. However, it`s cool to see a supercar owner enjoying his horsepower, apropos the ones only using it to wax it and shine the red. Check out this 458 Ferrari vs Toyota Supra drag race!

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