4 Things You Need To Consider When Purchasing The Right R/C Vehicle

To choose the perfect R/C vehicle, you need to consider the type of vehicle, terrain, motor power, drive system, and purpose of the R/C vehicle. R/C vehicles or remote-controlled vehicles are not toys meant for children. Many grown men also consider  R/C vehicles as an auto enthusiast`s hobby. They have even organized various sporting events to compete and showcase the best R/C vehicle. If you are someone who also admires R/C cars and wants to make a hobby out of them, you need to read on to learn everything you need to know about buying R/C cars.

Selecting the right R/C car is not as simple as going to the store and buying the most expensive R/C car. There are a few factors that determine the right car.

But before we jump into that, let us look at different types of R/C vehicles.

1. Street R/C Cars

Most R/C cars are designed after their original counterparts. So, a street R/C car is designed like your standard sedan car. These high-speed capable cars run the best on paved roads or clear surfaces, but it is a terrible choice for dirt or sandy tracks.

2. Drift R/C Cars

They are almost similar to the average street R/C cars, but their tires are slicker. This causes less friction between the tire and the road, allowing them to drift along the curves and corners with ease. However, drifting in these R/C cars is just as tricky as drifting in actual vehicles.

3. Buggies

If you enjoy the thrill of driving off-road in a dune buggy, then you will also enjoy driving this R/C buggy. But that does not mean they are only suitable for off-road tracks. They can also be very fast on paved roads because of their lightweight and robust motors.

4. Trucks

These are the R/C version of your typical monster trucks. They are big, heavy, and strong making them perfect for off-road tracks or some heavy-duty sports. As a beginner, your perfect choice would be the RC rock crawler for beginners.

Since they weigh much more than buggies or streetcars, they are not very good on paved roads.

Now that we have some idea about the different R/C vehicles, let us look at how you can pick the right one.

Tips For Choosing The Right R/C Vehicles

1. The driving Surface

The driving surface is a significant factor when deciding what type of vehicle you need to buy. This is because different types of vehicles excel in different sorts of surfaces.

As for the surface itself, there are pavements, sand/dirt tracks, grass tracks. Each of these tracks requires its own type of vehicle. For example, you cannot drive a streetcar on grass or a monster truck on paved roads. Well, technically, you can drive them on different surfaces, but that will not be efficient on speed.

And if you are trying to win an R/C competition, you will be at a significant disadvantage. So pick the right type of car for the right driving surface.

2. The Motor For The Vehicle

The motor determines the speed of the vehicle. So consider what type of engine you want for your R/C vehicle.

There are two types of motors. Brushless motors and Brushed Motors.

Brushless motors are exposed and are generally placed at the exterior of the vehicle. The vehicles that have these motors are cheap. But since the motor is cheap, exposure to dust and dirt wears out the motor quickly, and eventually, it cannot provide much speed.

On the other hand, brushed motors are located inside the R/C car, allowing better durability while also providing more speed. But these vehicles can get a bit expensive.

3. The Drive System Of The Vehicle

Like regular cars, R/C cars also have two-wheel-drive (2WD) systems and four-wheel-drive systems (4WD). Both drive systems have their pros and cons.


2WD systems are quite old-fashioned and do not provide much of an edge when you compete. For example, if you brake hard on a vehicle that has a 2WD system, it is likely to spin out and even make a 180-degree turn. So controlling vehicles with 2WD can be quite tricky.


4WD is the best system currently in the market. And it always pays to buy an R/C vehicle that has a 4WD system. A vehicle with a 4WD system is much easier to control and maneuver on rough terrains much better.

So it is always better to buy an R/C vehicle that has a 4WD system. The only time you should switch to a 2WD drive system is when money is short because 4WD R/C cars can be a bit difficult.

4. The Purpose Of The R/C

The purpose of the R/C also determines what type of R/C vehicle you should buy. As for the purpose, normally, people buy R/C cars to enjoy either one of two things: Bashing or Racing.


Bashing refers to the sport of using your R/C cars to crash into stuff. This can either be to crash into objects, see how much damage you cause to the object, or crash into other cars, and see which one survives.

From this, you can see why you would want to pick heavy trucks for bashing. These trucks do not care about speed, and all they care about is how durable they are and how big of an impact they can create.


Racing is pretty straightforward. You pick a car and use it for racing. You should always choose the most lightweight and the fastest car you can afford for racing. Generally, race tracks also influence what car you should buy.

For a paved road, a street R/C car would be the right choice. If it is a dirt track, you should choose Buggies.

Final Thoughts

R/C cars can be a great way to enjoy some free time and take part in various events. If you are a fellow R/C enthusiast and want to buy an R/C to enjoy various events and competitions, follow the tips mentioned in this article.