These 4 Futuristic Motorcycles Are The Next BIG Thing!

Riding a motorcycle is fun by itself nonetheless, but with the advancement of the car technology and manufacturing, bikes have also had some major breakthroughs and in the following video we take a look at 4 futuristic motorcycles that look absolutely amazing!

4 Futuristic Motorcycles BIG Thing 2

Each bike has a brand new feature which reinforces the safety of the drivers. Imagine what driving such motorcycle would look like! Did you know that besides being driven by drivers, futuristic motorcycles can be driven by themselves? Neither did us until we watched the following video and Honda`s latest invention. Their bike is capable of driving itself. It is equipped with the new Honda Riding Assist System and it can balance itself too! It can move at speed of just 3 MPH without having any troubles of maintaining balance.

Furthermore in the video we take a look at the brand new BMW Motorrad Vision Next 1000. This bike has all of the futuristic features you could think of. Even at first look, this bike looks like it came from the future and into our homes. It has a triangular shape, and such concept was first introduced by BMW back in 1923 and their R32. But it is nothing like its predecessor. It has a non-joint flexible frame which enables the bike to perform extreme steers. Thus meaning that when the driver turns the handlebars, the whole frame changes its shape to compensate the change of direction. It has a twin engine too!

Check the video and see the rest futuristic motorcycles.

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