36 CLASSIC CORVETTES Found in a Garage After 25 Years In The NEW YORK CITY!

Unique collection of 36 Classic Corvettes found in the underground garage after 25 Years in the New York City.

36 CLASSIC CORVETTES Found in a Garage 1

All off this classic beauties actually won a VH1 contest and then were all sold to Peter Max, the German graphic artist so he could use them for his famous pop artist works. However, the artist never used the Corvettes and these classic were left to rod in this garage for more than 25 years.

Believe it or not in this collection there are all the Chevy Corvette models produced from 1953 to 1989, actually  the best looking examples in the history of this model. The artist Peter Max bought the whole collection from Dennis Amodeo from Long Island for $250.000. This guy was working as a carpenter before he actually won all these classic ‘Vettes at the 1989 Corvette giveaway organized by the music television VH1. Dennis Amodeo also received a great collection of Peter Max’s artwork and an agreement that he will receive $1 million if Max ever decide to sell that art works collection.

The most valuable example from this collection the the Corvette from 1953, one from 300 that were ever build. Actually these cars were not in that bad condition as it was expected. According to the experts the accumulated dust on the surface of the body actually protected the paintjob and most of the cars need not more than 2 weeks to be restored. However, some of them will need more than an year to be restored.