SEMA is really the most incredible car show on the entire planet. Literally, everywhere you look, you see the jaw-dropping rides that make you want to get behind the wheel and drive them home. Thus, when a person needs to pick up his/her favorites, it`s really a difficult thing. But then, all of a sudden, you run across something like the Superformance 1964 Chevy Corvette Grand Sport by Lingenfelter, and you become completely incapable of speaking any words!

It`s one of those vintage beauties, restored and customized so stunningly beautiful, brought to a point of perfection, a person feels as if it`s under an influence of some kind of a spell, or a magic! It was by far the one Corvette at the 2016 SEMA, that attracted the most attention! No doubt about it!

Therefore, before we leave you to watch the video and see this insane beauty yourselves, we`ll only tell you that under the hood, there`s the Lingenfelter-built LS3 6.2 litre engine, mated to a Borla Semi-Cross Ram Fuel Injection, that has 8 separate intake stacks, that are coming out off the cylinder heads. It`s running on 93 Octane fuel, and it boosts 550 HP!

Now, enough `talks` about it, so just check out the video below, and see this mind-blowing and mean `Vette yourselves! And if you want to learn something more about it, go to this link.