26-Year Old Totals A $300K FERRARI 458 Italia Supercar! Why? He Tried To Impress A GIRL!

When somebody who doesn`t have enough experience with exotic supercars, rents one and goes canyon carving, crash tension can be felt in the air. Unfortunately, sometimes that tension turns into a real crash. The Ferrari driver we are about to show you is the perfect example of this phenomenon. Before setting foot in a Ferrari, this driver was the owner of a WRX STI. Pretty impressive you would say. He decided to try something way more powerful by renting a Ferrari 458 Italia supercar. He was driving with three other supercars, relishing the mountain roads in Golden, Colorado. However, that enjoyment will soon turn into a disaster. Just wait for it…

It all happens when the driver decided to dip into the Italian supercar`s massive V8 potential. We mean potential! In a very tight corner, you can see the Ferrari 458 Italia supercar understeering and hitting the guardrail. Fortunately, the occupants left this incident without any injuries, but the Maranello machine is totally wrecked. According to the rental company, the driver entered the 30mph corner at 3 times that speed. The result was extensive body damage, destroyed interior and structural damage estimated at $270.000! These guys are really lucky, we don`t even want to imagine what would`ve happened if that guardrail failed. How would you react? Check out the video below! Feel free to comment and share your opinion.

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