START’EM YOUNG! Check Out This 24 Volt Mustang Power Wheels Drag Race Holeshot Test!

Okay, it is no biggie. We all do it. Do what? What you ask? Addicting our kids to the sound of the engine and drag racing, that`s what! There is no luckier kid in our State than the one growing up with a Gearhead father. Of course, fathers like this tend to involve their kids in gearhead stuff when they are young! That is why we present to you this Mustang Power Wheels Drag Race 24-volt car and its proud owner! Since there are many ways to involve your kid in drag racing, starting from visits to the drag strip, buying power wheels, here is what this particular dad did!

This guy took one step forward and designed the best Mustang Power Wheels Drag Race Car! He installed wheelie bars, he designed this cool rear wing! The accessories are all cool, but it is power that moves the earth! Thus, the coolest dad ever installed a 24 Volt battery which doubles the stock power! The party was now ready to begin – burnouts, donuts and other stuff were left for the young dragster to practice. Visit the video below and enjoy the Mustang fun!

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