Off-road drivers know the feeling when the vehicle gets stuck in the sand due to various reasons, and this is when the ordeal begins. In this kind of situation, the time needed to solve the issue depends on the knowledge you have, and the power in your arms. However, all that can be slowly put in the past, because the new 2016 Toyota Tacoma truck shows that none of the aforementioned is really needed! How is that possible? It is, thanks to the CRAWL CONTROL this vehicle has! And the video below shows this vehicle dealing with a problematic occurrence.

In addition, we have read tons of comments about this demonstration, but we are going to focus on the video itself and we are leaving the final word to you. Anyway, this demonstration begins with burying the truck in sand until the axle. First, the driver buries the rear wheels and then the front ones. What happens next is all work of the crawl control technology, the driver is doing nothing. After putting the truck in crawl control mode, the truck starts spinning all four vehicles at the same time but slowly in order to build up sand beneath the tires. And in just seconds the Tacoma is out of the sand!

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