The RING BROTHERS At 2016 SEMA SHOW! An Insanely Stunning CLASSIC 1969 RS CAMARO G Code!

When it comes to the world of the muscle cars, and the biggest automotive aftermarket stage in the world, the SEMA show, it seems that the Ringbrothers are planning to debut at least one outstanding specimen at it, each year! We saw them last year, and we saw the same thing this year, when Jim and Mike Ring came up with this beautifully crafted 1969 RS Camaro, G-Code, which carries all the tasty fabricated nuances, and yet, leave the car`s spirit completely in tact.

From what we could have found out, it obviously would not be an exaggeration if we say that Ringbrothers are amongst the elite of the car builders, with that special touch to make the car appear subtle in nature, despite the major bodywork modifications done on it.

For this example, we have the G-Code that has remained true to the 1969 RS Camaro`s exterior, and under the hood, there`s the powerful 416 cubic inches, Automotive LS3 stroked, that gives the ride a boost of astonishing 1 000 HP! Which makes it one of the most powerful classic Detroit muscles that we had seen at 2016 SEMA.

Thus, check out the following clip that we had made, and see this beauty with your own eyes. And if you want to find out more about it, as well as the other Ringbrothers builds at this SEMA, go to this link.