‘Stang Lovers, Prepare Yourselves Good For This Babe From 2016 SEMA SHOW! A 427 COBRA FORD MUSTANG

Oh yes! In a case you are one of the whole army of the Ford Mustang fans, then you`re really going to be thankful to us for making this video clip, during our visit at this year`s SEMA show. Especially if you really love and enjoy watching the vintage specimens, from the golden period of the American muscle car production. If that`s the case, you will love this `babe`!

I guess that we had already told you that although we`re not amongst the biggest Mustang lovers, we would`ve been total hypocrites if we do not admit that the Ford Mustang fleet was the biggest star at 2016 SEMA. And that`s why there was such a buzz, and constantly so many people in the places where their cars were displayed. Which made it really difficult to come up with the proper information about them. So hopefully, you wouldn`t mind that we can`t give you the specs about this jaw-dropping 427 Cobra Ford Mustang, that comes with a green paint job, and with yellow racing striped.

But just have a look at it. The moment one lays his eyes on it, it almost makes you feel like you`re entering the world of Bullitt, and you`re ready to take off! But, you better check out the video, and see what you make of it yourselves!

And if you want to see the other Mustangs that were shown at the 2016 SEMA show, go to this link.