This 2016 Aventador Comes With An Incredible Boat Lookalike!

When you think about putting on the same socks, it isn`t quite the same as remembering to make your 2016 Aventador and your speed boat match colors, is it? Well, when you`re as rich as the guy that bought this lime-green pair of expensive vehicles, them having matching colors is one of the most important things! The car is the 2018 Lamborghini Aventador SV Roadster and the boat is a 2017 Marine Technologies “MTI” 52 G6 Super Veloce and they make a wonderful pair and it`s no wonder – they were custom built for their owner!

2016 Aventador Comes Incredible Boat Lookalike! (3)

Making this pair wasn`t easy or cheap though, as it reportedly took more than two years to make these vehicles and it cost just over 2.35 million dollars as well! If you were wondering what the color that this 2016 Aventador was painted in was called, it`s the quite rare Verde Singh, and the interior is Nero Cosmos Alcantara as well. It has PUR center lock wheels, a Kreissieg exhaust with a muffler that you can control remotely as well as a full carbon fiber package that looks incredible!

The boat is an awesome piece as well – it`s one of the fastest boats in the world, clocking in at just over 180 miles per hour! It`s completely made out of carbon fiber which makes it extremely light but also rigid. It`s carrying the powerful Mercury Racing 1350/1550 HP engine with Mercruiser #8 outdrivers. Now if that doesn`t sound impressive to you, I don`t know what does!

This all-black Aventador is awesome too! Follow this link to see it!