2 STROKE SCOOTER Drag Racing is a Huge Spectacle In JAPAN!

Yeah folks, it looks like 2 stroke scooter drag racing is real thing! Well, to be honest, we shouldn`t be that surprised because the people in the Far East have different hobbies and entertainment choices that would definitely seem unusual to us. Japan is no exception to this rule and they also have some pretty unconventional ways of entertainment. The automotive world in Japan is also very different from here in the States as well. One example of a very weird motorsport in Japan is their 2 stroke scooter drag racing.

2 Stroke Scooter Drag Racing 2

Believe it or not, these small scooters are definitely tuned to the maximum and beefed up to be very powerful machines. They are so immensely powerful that they had to build wheelie bars to keep the front end staying down. There are some 2 stroke scooter machines that don`t feature the wheelie bar. However, those that feature the wheelie bar are definitely faster than them. Nevertheless, we think that those which don`t feature the wheelie bar are more exciting watching them race.

They are so exciting to watch because they have a tendency to point the nose skyward in an instant. You can also see these beasty scooters burning their tires on wood rather than asphalt. This is more efficient because the asphalt is a very abrasive surface. There are some scooters like this in the US, but they are mild in comparison. The 2 stroke scooters here in the states are focused more on cosmetic upgrades rather than performance. Nevertheless, it looks like there is a demand for such racing in the US, so make it happen please!

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