$2.8 Million Mercedes AMG Project ONE Is HERE!

Just when we thoughts that the days of sports road cars with racing technology is over, Mercedes-Benz unveiled their long awaited Mercedes AMG Project ONE. This amazing hypercar is developed around the Formula 1 racing technology that Mercedes stuffed from all these years racing in the major motorsport championship in the world.

28 Million Mercedes AMG Project ONE 1

It was revealed at the Frankfurt International Motor Show this week and according to the experience of the people who has entered in the car, it looks like a space shuttle from inside. Mercedes AMG Project ONE has 1.600 cm3 V6 turbocharged engine under the hood joined with few electric motors. It runs from 0-60 mph in just 2.6 seconds and its top speed it’s 217 mph. However, it is very different and probably much more efficient project than its competitive model Bugatti Chiron. This Italian hypercar has 1,500HP 8-liter W16 engine under the hood.

It is to obvious the Project ONE is build with the same technology as Mercedes GP used to dominate Formula 1 in the last years. The engine it self has 700 hp and it can run up to 11,000 rpm, however this hypercar  gets additional 500 HP from 3 electric motors. Two electric engines are at the front wheels and the third one of integrated to the engine.

Mercedes-Benz will produce 275 examples of the Project ONE starting in 2019, but all of them are already sold.