1971 Plymouth HEMI Cuda DuPont Silver With Graphite Accents!

If you are the type whose hobby is building cars, you shall surely want some blower motors, awesome paint, and station wagons, you are at the right place. This 1971 Plymouth HEMI Cuda needed some work, but it was all worth it, once you see the final product.


There was vast variety of shades offered for this baby, among which were the Sassy Grass Green,  Moulin Rouge and Panther Pink. In 1971 the paint list was made, Helms Justin chose the Silver DuPont with Orange Hemi pinstripe and graphite accents.  It`s not something that you`ll notice from a plane, that`s for sure, but it is nicely done and will definitely caught your attention.

Justin and his bro are working in Virginia for the company Joey Arrington`s racing engines, so they were familiar with the topic of horsepower, so they knew exactly what this car needed to be just amazing. The car was fitted a nowadays version of the 6.1 Hemi  strock engine, measuring 426 inches.

Even though those nice custom-made valve covers billet CNCs are placed above the original versions supported by ignition. Everything inside was made by the latest technology. After doing some serious preparation and boring of the block, awesome compression 10.25:1 pistons were added, as well as K1 rods and arm along with custom-made roller cam. The bigger part of the OEM 6.1-sec valvetrain was kept.


The original aluminum heads were carved inside the AMI and the throttle electronic FAST bodies were supported by a custom-made intake. A regular original Shaker scoop unit was fitted at the same height of the original Hemi,as well as a complete 3 inches exhaust, a custom-made baseplate, headers from Pro Fab which led to boosting of 560 lb-ft of torque and 585 horsepower. The transmission is a 5 speed Keiser and DTS took care of the 4.10:1 Dana.

Care was taken of the good ol` suspension system. The tubular replacements of the K frame support was produced by AlterKation.

Traction links and layout from Air Ride replaced the leaf pack on the rear end. Large vented rotors, size 12.25 inches from Wilwood were used by the braking system. There were also black billet custom rims, sizing 18 inches.

In the meantime, the regular original interior was upgraded. The seats were covered in leather, TPI gauges as well as a custom-made dash were fitted in.  Other upgrades were made too. Our goal is not to convince you that this is an easy, cheap job. It shall take some time, money and effort. But if you are determined to do it and if you have some cash aside, you are off to a good start!

However, upgrade your knowledge on the Cuda a little bit!