2016 SEMA SHOW – 1970 DODGE CHALLENGER RT With 426 HEMI Owned By The Baseball Legend REGGIE JACKSON

Amongst the numerous individuals and groups who are bringing their own builts, the cars on which they have been working on for quite some time to make it perfect for the SEMA show, there are also other type of people who bring their rides in Vegas. People who are not directly involved in the world of cars, especially not in the restoration and the building process, but who are rather passionate fans, and collectors of certain types of cars. One of them was the Baseball legend, Reggie Jackson, who came to this year`s SEMA with his fabulous vintage American muscle.

We are talking about this jaw-dropping 1970 Dodge Challenger RT, that comes with a really cute plum paint job, that definitely catches the eye, besides making heads turn on a regular basis. Under the hood, it`s equipped with the legendary 426 HEMI V8 engine, that`s boosting 425 HP and 425 pound feet of torque. The car has been built by the Classic Industries, and it`s definitely one of the most impressive vintage Challengers that could`ve been seen at the 2016 SEMA show.

So, just check out the video that we`ve made of this beautiful crazy plum `70 HEMI Challenger, and enjoy the view! And if you want to see some of the other awesome classic Detroit muscles from this year`s SEMA, click here.