2 Widebody Challengers by TS Designs !

Watch out boys, the Wide Body Challengers are in town! You may not be a Dodge fan, but you have to give it to these two guys from TS Designs that bring excitement and admiration to everyone that sees them! They look even cooler when they go in pair. In case you wander, we are talking about the blue and black 2013 Dodge Challengers that look amazing with their body kits and the FORGIATO wheels! We must say that the Custom Shop, TS Designs, really did a great job with those kits! Take a look and who knows, you might get some ideas for your ride!

Enjoy the video below!

2 Widebody Challengers by TS Designs 3

Check Out the California`s Topo and TS Designs that hit the streets with 2  widebody Challengers or watch the Video Bellow:

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